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Giuseppe and Corino grew up like brothers in Palermo, Italy.   Both of them being the adventuresome fun loving types, they traveled to the United States to see the country and explore.

After discovering the beauty of Seattle, they decided to stay and began working in the restaurant business.  They made new friends, put down roots and rented a flat together.  Ah blissful youth!  They eventually tired of working so hard for others &   decided to start up their

 own place La Vita Bella Café in Belltown was born, & eventually grew to include a Pizzeria & Full Service Bar. 

Of course now that the boys had both become successful entrepreneurs they found that special someone, got married, had children and settled into new homes & lives in the lovely neighborhood of Magnolia, just NW of  Belltown.   With their new families they decided that they wanted to open a special neighborhood restaurant. 

A place that captured the essence of Mondello, their home town.  Ah, Mondello, the little town just North of Palermo, Sicily where they lived, loved & learned to cook  with friends and family!  

Ristorante Mondello was born!   With its soft blue walls, sand-like floors, sea shell decor & it's casual elegance. You can almost feel the sand between your toes & the salt in your hair when you walk through the door.

Ciao Bella!

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